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This is your portal for entry into a world of spiritual knowledge hitherto accessible by only a few. The door have been swung wide open for all who are interested in character building through personal spiritual advancement using the ancient methodology of Sufism for character refinement. 

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Towards the light

Our primary focus is our non-fiction spiritually inspirational publications. Authors include David Thompson and Ahmed El Nur.

First edition of The Tenth Lieutenant now available
in print as hardcover or paperback, as well as ebook 




A Chance Encounter

What are the chances of meeting an member of Malcolm X's security detail in the twenty first century? This is a true account of such an encounter and the fountain of spiritual knowledge it evoked.  



Sirat-ul-Mustakeem and The Philosopher's Stone

Issac Newton sought it but was apparently looking in the wrong place. Many others have spent their lifetimes in it's pursuit. This introduces you to those who have found it and the methodology they used. 




Answers to the serious national and global problems stemming from spiritual immaturity and motivation by the lowers selves are presented as a follow-up to the developed argument for the basic human right to good character. First steps are proposed.

The Tenth Lieutenant is a true account of a chance meeting with the last surviving bodyguard of Malcolm X. This meeting engendered the concept of this book based on a brief look at Malcolm’s religious life and the culmination of its evolution up to the point of his assassination. It imagines two possible extrapolations of Malcolm’s life trajectory, and presents them as the two most likely trajectories Malcolm’s life may have taken: one tracible from his discernable intentions at the time of his assassination; the other picking up from just before his assassination – with the assumption that he avoided the attempt on his life - and extrapolating to what may have been had he continued his life on that trajectory. This perspective is written from the writer’s vantage point as an adherent and devotee of Sufism. It provides opportunity for introduction of the Sufi path to the reader and introduction of the uninitiated to the guaranteed protected way to true enlightenment which Malcolm X sought and which his last bodyguard eventually found. It equally provided opportunity for reintroduction of this spiritual science to an audience for whom and a time in which it has been too long lost. Neither would be possible without examination of facets of the related history. Brief glimpses at the past are used to throw revealing light on the present and the future.

Perspectives for a new look at national and global crises



Practice and Succeed

About the author

Graduation, Hawliya, Canada, 122.jpg

David Thompson received his BA in Special Honors Curriculum and Psychology from Hunter College of CUNY and his Masters in Science Education from New York University.

From 1989 to 2016 he was a licensed Chemistry and General Science Teacher in the NYC Board of Education and the Yonkers Department of Education which he joined in 2006 and from which he retired in 2016. He received his elementary and high school education in Barbados at St. Giles Boys School and Combermere High School respectively.

In 1981 when he was still an undergraduate, he converted to Islam and became an active member of the Tariqa Burhaniya Sufi Order under the illustrious guidance of the Burhani Sufi masters Sidi Fakhruldeen, his son and inheritor Sidi Ibrahim, and his grandson and inheritor, the current Maulana Shaykh of the Burhaniya Tariqa, Sidi Shaykh Muhammad Ash Shaykh Ibrahim Ash Shaykh Muhammad Usman Abdul Burhani.

He took shahada at the hand of his Sufi Teacher, Abdullah Awadallah, who owned the ‘Coco Shaykh’ branded tropical drink entrepreneurship in NYC. The milk bottle with a rose and butterfly inside is of one of the original milk bottles that decorated the Coco Shaykh Tropical Drink carts. It was saved for many years and thought appropriate to use here as a small token to commemorate and thank the one who introduced him to this blessed path. It has become the logo of his budding publishing enterprise Sidiq Publishing.

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